Allergies and The Elements: How Traditional Chinese Medicine Can help

Sometimes a different way of thinking of things can broaden our understanding of the way things work.  In western medicine, we think of specific allergens that aggravate our allergies, such as pollens, grasses, cat dander.  In Chinese medicine, we look at the elements.  This can be more information for us to reduce our exposure to […]

How Do Essential Oils Work?

Using essential oils for their benefit to the body or mind is called aromatherapy. From essential oils for deep sleep and calming to essential oils for sinus and congestion, aromatherapy is a powerful way to promote wellness without using pharmaceuticals.

Treating Anxiety – the Natural Way

Anxiety is a very common issue; it is in fact the most common of all mental health disorders and as many as one in four of us will be affected by an anxiety disorder at some point during life. Medication isn’t necessarily the answer, and natural treatment methods like using essential oils for anxiety can […]

Microcosmic Orbit Breathing Meditation for Sinus Relief

This simple Taoist meditation can immediately alleviate sinus congestion, start to regulate blood pressure, and balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. In traditional practice, it is used for qi regulation, organ health, and syncing the body systems with the natural energy and rhythm of the macrocosmic orbit, for health and harmonious living.

Allergy Relief without Pharmaceuticals

It’s that time of year. For some of us it’s spring; others will suffer in other seasons and some poor souls suffer all year long… Allergies. They can make you feel sick when you’re not, make you feel tired when you should be full of energy. They give you itchy eyes, runny, sneezy noses, irritated […]

Helping Ease the Irritation of a Bug Bite

Summertime and bug bites seem to go hand in hand.  I noticed that some people attract more mosquitoes than others and some react to bites more strongly than others.   So while researching on Wikipedia, I found that most mosquitoes prefer type O blood, heavy breathers, those with a lot of skin bacteria, people with a […]

A Lesson in Love Part 2-4

A couple of weeks ago my 5-year old lost his first tooth (super exciting!) and it had me thinking about the changes that constantly fill his life.  The first years of a human being are pretty remarkable, and if we aren’t looking for it, or sensitive to these changes, we could see them as disruptive, […]

Good Routine is Good for Your Health

Young children have an immense amount of information coming at them every day and as parents, we sometimes forget, have tuned out or have built up a tolerance for all that crazy fast-paced information.  For little ones with immature and sensitive nervous systems, navigating a day of preschool, tagging along for a full day of […]

Outgrowing a Food Allergy – Is it Possible?

The other day, I was talking to a friend who said she took her 5-year-old daughter in for her annual peanut allergy check-up.  It had been decided by doctors early on that her daughter had a severe allergy to peanuts, so my friend was vigilant about making sure that her daughter never came in contact […]