Essential Oils

Essential oils are a true gift from nature, and at Artemis Therapeutics, our focus is on supporting harmonious living and providing natural, holistic products derived from plant-based sources.

What is an essential oil? Essential oils are naturally occurring aromatic compounds. They are volatile (which means they change from solid or liquid to a gas very quickly at room temperature), and are derived from the roots, stems, flowers, bark, seeds, and fruits of plants. Their fragrances can be both very appealing and very powerful. It is the essential oil within a plant that gives it its distinctive smell; these oils attract bees for pollination and also protect plants from pests.

Essential oils are also of enormous benefit to humans. Their volatility allows them to move through air quickly and to interact directly with our olfactory nerves. Used aromatically, applied topically, and where suitable, ingested internally, essential oils can help in the maintenance of a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Essential oils can be used for innumerable benefits, and there are thousands of varieties of volatile aromatic compounds known to humans. From anxiety minimization to treatment for sinus congestion, to enabling deep sleep through relaxation and calming properties of certain essential oils, each and every one of us can benefit from using these gifts from nature in our daily lives.

At Artemis Therapeutics, we offer targeted essential oil-based products:

  • Cinnamon Massage Oil – cinnamon oil is more potent than the dried spice and contains various compounds not found in the spice. With a musky, spicy aroma, cinnamon essential oil is derived from the bark of the cinnamon tree. It offers an array of benefits including:
    • Relief from depression
    • Immune system stimulation
    • Increased circulation by dilating blood vessels
    • Decreased inflammation
    • Fight viruses and parasites
    • Fight free radicals
    • Stimulate libido
  • Valerian Massage Oil – valerian oil is derived from the root of the perennial flowering tree native to Europe and Asia. Its medicinal benefits include:
    • Promotion of deep sleep
    • Mood improvement and relief from depression and anxiety
    • Calming an upset stomach
    • Calming heart palpitations
    • Regulation of blood pressure
    • Maintains health of skin
    • Relieves menstrual cramps

Discover the benefits of essential oils for yourself with Artemis Therapeutics.