Cinnamon Protector Oil


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  • Alleviate Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain/Tension
  • Relax Upper Back Fatigue and Tension
  • Rejuvenate Tired Achy Feet and Legs
  • Sports Recovery and Joint Pain
  • Open Sinuses
  • Protect when Exposed to Cold or Flu
  • Clear and Energize the Mind

All natural topical oil for stress, circulation, pain, cold and sinus symptoms


  • Alleviate Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain/Tension – Feel the weight lift off your shoulders
  • Relax Upper Back Fatigue and Tension – Promotes a good night’s sleep and can alleviate morning sickness
  • Rejuvenate Tired Achy Feet and Legs – Invigorating after long work days or long commutes
  • Sports Recovery and Joint Pain – Increase circulation in joints and muscles for pain relief and injury recovery
  • Open Sinuses – Relax, refresh, and breathe!
  • Protect when Exposed to Cold or Flu – Antibacterial and antiviral volatile oils clean the lungs and immune system meridians
  • Clear and Energize the Mind – Refresh from long hours of screen time or indoor work

Cinnamon Protector Oil is used by acupuncturists, massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and energy body workers to deepen treatment and for patients to experience immediate relief.

Cinnamon Protector Oil is based on a traditional formula called Po Sum On or ‘Protect the Heart’s Peace’ oil. Our formula is slightly modified and made with plant infusions and essential oils. It is used to alleviate muscle tension, achy joints, sinus and lymph congestion, fatigued feet and legs, and to clear and protect from heavy stagnant energy or exposure to cold and flu.  It is handcrafted here in the USA with loving kindness and potent plant medicine.  Not for use under 12 years old.

 How to Use

  • Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain/Tension

Massage small amount to top of shoulders and back of neck.  Firm pressure for a few minutes to press the oil into the muscles.   

See acupuncture points GB 20 and GB 21.

  • Upper Back Tension

Massage or use Gua Sha soup spoon technique on muscles along spine.

See acupuncture points UB 12-UB 16.

  • Tired Achy Feet and Legs

Massage oil onto soles of feet, inner ankle, and around heels. Brush and squeeze firmly upwards on calves.

See acupuncture points KI 1, inner heel, all meridians on calves, especially Spleen, Kidney, and Urinary Bladder.

  • Sports Recovery and Joint Pain

Massage into injured or painful joint or muscle.  Do not use on open skin.

  • Sinus Congestion

With very small amount of oil on tips of middle fingers, massage small circles into sinus pressure points on face such as cheeks, next to nose, and above eyes.  Massage into nape of neck and into muscle between thumb and forefinger.

See acupuncture points ST4, LI20, GB14, UB2, GB20, LI4.

  • Exposure to or Beginning of Cold or Flu

Use vigorous gua sha technique or massage along sides of upper spine. Breathe deeply to let the volatile oils enter the lungs. Massage LI 4 and web between thumb and forefinger slowly and firmly.

  • Cognitive Fatigue

Use a very small amount to avoid burning eyes. Press firmly with fingertip into point on top of head Du 20 Baihui. Massage in small circles slowly on temples. Close and relax eyes and breathe deeply.

  • Other Uses:
    • Keep bugs, especially mosquitos away. Put a few drops in your hands and spread over exposed skin.
    • Calm itches from bug bites. Rub a drop of oil onto a bug bite to feel relief. Don’t use if skin is broken.
    • Clear space or energy.


 What Customers Say

“It’s an EXPERIENCE that I keep in my purse!”

“It feels so good!  It’s like a weight off my shoulders!”

“My feet were so tired and achy that I could not sleep.  I rubbed the Cinnamon Protector Oil into the soles of my feet in the middle of the night and went into deep slumber.  I can’t believe it.”

“We use the Cinnamon Protector Oil on my upper back and it immediately alleviates my morning sickness and back tension.”

“I love to share it during stressful work meetings.  It immediately clears the air and helps get ideas going and energy moving.  It almost feels like positive energy fills the room. I also use it for myself when I get tired at the computer.  Just a drop on each shoulder freshens my brain and perks me up.”


Menthol 15%, Camelia (Tea) Oil, Peppermint Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Baikal Skullcap Root, Eucalyptus, Bay, Chinese Licorice Root, Dragon’s Blood Resin (Sanguis Draconis) and Wintergreen Oil

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